We visited campsites on Peljesac peninsula - which one is best for you?

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Campsites on Peljesac are very diverse, since you can choose between large and very small, super equipped and those that offer a more homely Dalmatian atmosphere. We checked the situation in 26 camps on in Peljesac and made new photos.

The Peljesac Peninsula is well known for its campers because it offers many possibilities for activities along numerous campsites. Since the campers are known for being on the beaches, we cannot just lie down and bring bicycles, SUP, surf and kite of the board, kayaks, and hiking equipment with us for holidays, Peljesac is somehow a logical choice of vacation by the sea.

Peljesac is a bit more windy, which is especially true for the south-western part, where a more powerful maestral is usually blowing, which is delighted by the surfers and the kiters. Less windy are the souternh and the northern part of the island. The peninsula offers many interesting cycling routes for mountain bikers, and a lot of them go to the highest hill SV. Ilija (961m) which rewards hikers with beautiful view of Korcula and Mljet.
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We found 26 campsites on Peljesac peninsula, visited most of them, made took new photos, checked the services provided and price lists. All information are added by the campsites's descriptions, shortly new videos will be added as well. We additionally added two campsites in town Zuljana, campsite Plaza (Beach) in town Viganj and campsite Mario in town Orebic.

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How to reach Peljesac - with ferry or across the bridge?
It is best to drive to Peljesac along the Dalmatian highway from Zagreb to Ploce. From central Slovenia, you can travel at some distance within 6 hours with one stop. Then a "problem" arises - or choose a ferry from Ploce or take a drive through Neum and pass Ston back to the peninsula.

It is a compromise between the price of a ferry (driving to Trpanj takes 1 hour) and 100 km longer driving, which together with the crossing of BiH and Croatia border takes about 2 hours. This time we decided to get there by ferry, but back on the road. Ferry for a car, 2 adults and 2 children costs € 31, given that there is a very large ferry on this line, so we caught the ferry at 10.15h.
Timetable and prices of the Ferries

Camping on Peljesac - 26 different campsites
kamp Perna Pelješac - avtokampi.si
On Peljesac guests can choose among large campsites such as Nevio, Lavanda, Perna, Prapratno and Antony Boy. All other are smaller and operating withing domestic house or olive plantage, where quite often as well private rooms and apartments are offered.

Rental of mobile homes is possible in campsites Perna, Lavanda, Nevio, Palme, Ponta Viganj.

Campsites for Sport Lovers
Surf and kite enthusiasts will definitely choose one of the camps from Orebic to Viganj, where a pleasant maestral is usually blowing in the afternoon. The campsites also include surfing centers with the possibility of renting equipment and courses.

Campsite Perna in the village of Kuciste has a large number of mobile homes installed, while campers have the right part of the camp where the parcels are arranged. Behind him is a cute little campsite Palme with very arranged sanitary facilities. There are several campsites in Viganj, and among them is best arranged camp Antony Boy, that offers large camping pitches for campers and caravans. Campsite Ponta has delicious restaurant and perfect location on the peninsula. You can as well select to stay at campsite Maestral, mini campsite Liberan or campsite Plaža.

kamp Lavanda Pelješac - avtokampi.siCampsites close to main town Orebic
You will also find very good campsites a few kilometers in front of Orebic, where we are highlighting the latest camp Lavanda, where pitches have been arranged in terraces, and places for tents have been allocated under pine trees. They also enable the hiring of five mobile houses - two have their own jacuzzi. The camp has its own beach where dogs are also taken care of, while a part of the beach is also intended for nudists.

Nevio Camp is also nearby, with several shaded and also terraced pitches. You can also decide to rent mobile homes. Guests can enjoy a rich additional offer from the pool, sports fields, playgrounds, restaurants and beach bar.

In Orebic itself there are quite a few small camps located near the central pebble beach - part of this is FKK beach. These are campsites with basic offer and a pleasant price - campsites Orebic, Mario, Glavna plaza and Trstenica.
kamp Ponta, Adriatic in Vala -  Pelješac - avtokampi.si

In town Mokalo you will find three campsites that are perfect for campers with tents – campsites Ponta, Adriatic and Vala. They all have well shadowed and terraced pitches, and they share a common pebbled beach. They as well have a pizzeria and a restaurant, as well as a diving center.

On the way from Orebic to Trpanj, we found in the village of Postup  camp ing Paradiso, where the steep road leads to the campsite along the sea - the right part is shady, which is excellent for tents, the right part is sunny and especially for campers and trailers.

kamp Lupis Pelješac - avtokampi.si
Loviste has two beautiful campsites
If you want more peace then take the end of Peljesac to Loviste, where the top quality mini camp Lupis operates with nicely arranged pitches and modern sanitary facilities.

A little closer to the place is also the Djenka Camp, where you will find a genuine Dalmatian atmosphere. And if you're lucky, you'll see a big turtle in the bay - some say that there are even two.

Camping on the beautiful beaches on the north side of Peljesac
There are three campsites for lovers of beautiful pebbly beaches around Trpanj. The first Vrila Camp is only a few minutes away from the village which is practical, because it is close to the shops and numerous restaurants. The camp has about 100 pitches and you can enjoy palm trees in the first place. The sanitary facilities are basic, but there is also a small restaurant in the camp, where some food is also provided.
kamp Divna Pelješac - avtokampi.si

Camping Divna it's really small and charming, when the view from the road to the bay takes your breath away. The main part for tents is arranged under century-old olive trees, and for campers and trailers there is a sunny part right by the beach. The camp is very popular with Slovenian campers, so it is mandatory to reserve the dates in July and August. On the beach there is a fast food restaurant, and the sea is somewhat colder in this part of the freshwater spring.

If you take a few more kilometers, you will come to the village of Duba Peljeska, surrounded by beautiful and usually lonely beaches. Camp Luka will be the right choice for a peaceful holiday, but it is located 200m from the beach.

kamp Prapartno Pelješac - avtokampi.si
South part of Peljesac for lovers of small campsites and sand
Upon return we drove along the road to Ston. Unfortunately, there was no time to visit two smaller camps in Zuljana - camping Sunce and Camp Vucine and Camp Brijesta in the village of the same name. These are smaller campsites where you can relax from the daily pace.

Not far from old town Stone we visited campsite Prapratno,which as the only one on this part offers a sandy beach. It is a campsite where fans of the old way of camping enjoy - without mobile homes, games, animations ... There is a lot of shade that is provided by the olive trees in the central and upper part of the camp. The beach is great for children, because they can play, enjoy the low water (about 30m is already deep enough for swimming), there is beach bar, while restaurant and shop are at camp's entrance.

Peljesac is nice and it is worth visiting at least once, and many return to their campsite after 10 years and more. We recommend a trip outside the main season, which lasts here from July 10 to August 15. It will surely fascinate you! Information on all the camps on the peninsula of Peljesac and the new photos can be found at our site -- Campsites on Peljesac Peninsula