Camping is probably the oldest form of outdoor sleeping, with the first tent believed to have been erected more than 40,000 years ago. Much has changed since then, of course, but the authentic connection with nature remains the same.

Tents have been joined by many other forms of temporary mobile accommodation, and above all, camping is no longer an emergency escape but rather a desire for all those who want a first-class holiday experience. Park your caravan or trailer or set up your tent on a camping pitch. Just doing that can be an ideal opportunity to make contact with your temporary neighbours. You don't have to give up comfort either, as the infrastructure in campsites has advanced tremendously.

Camping in Slovenia, Italy, Croatia and elsewhere in the region allows you to stay in campsites by the sea, lakes and rivers, close to ski resorts or retreat to the forests at the foot of the mountains. Thanks to the favourable climate, camping is possible all year round in many places, and you'll have no shortage of activities and attractions to visit during your holiday.

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