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Website is most visited Slovene website about camping. It is firstly, website for lovers of camping that are searching for information and updates about camping in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia. Currently the database holds information about more than 600 campsites, locations offering mobile homes and glamping accommodation, camper stops, their descriptions, price lists, precise GPS locations. Some locations have as well videos showing campsite’s premises.

Website’s aim is to inform campers about novelties about camping equipment and about travel information that will facilitate easier travel and relaxed holidays. We are therefore regularly updating the ferry connections, 4 days weather reports for many cities and towns along with traffic information.

Advertising on website

Website is great advertising place for companies offering their services, products and special offers. We support your creative marketing campaigns and offer marketing in various shapes and forms – different texts, pictures and animated ads, price winning games as well as messaging via email. For any inquiries, please contact us via

Why advertise on

We are inviting you to join us as we are leading Slovene camping website that is daily following the developments in Slovenia, Croatia and other countries from ex-Yugoslavia. Besides website we manage as well excellent Facebook page with 40.050 passionate lovers of camping and rich database of campers. With additional marketing tools you can inform visitors of our website about your offer or services, and increase your visibility and last but not least, sale.

We have been noting record visit from year to year. In year 2019 our camping website was visited by 657.500 various lovers of camping that visited website 1.65 million times. Each visitor visits approximately 3.5 pages and stay at our website about 4 minutes. They have visited all together more than 5.54 million sites.

We will surely make sure that you will get really good value and results for the money invested. When advertising on our website we will promote your products/services as well on Facebook page and Instagram.

We are enabling you to deliver your message through newsletter to more than 53.000 e-mail address at once. This is a database of loyal readers and active followers.

Approximate prices:

  • Listing campsite on home page: 400 eur + VAT per season
  • Listing campsite under heading »Premium campsites« on home page + PR news: 700 eur + VAT per season
  • Listing campsite under heading "Partner campsites", that are providing discount on camping card - 300 eur + VAT per season
  • Listing campsite under normal heading with a pricelist - 200 eur + VAT per season
  • Cooperation of campsites in selection Naj kamp with link to the description and offer of the campsite 200 eur + VAT* (partner campsites receive 50% discount)·
  • Publishing reservation system for camping pitches and mobile homes: 300 eur + VAT per season
  • Publishing PR news with photos and links + distribution via newsletter: 550 eur + VAT·
  • Publishing PR news with link at our Facebook page 300 eur + VAT
  • Publishing 10 days long price winning game fully supported and promoted: 800 eur + VAT
  • Monthly banner dimension of 1060 x 90 with link to the website of the partner/advertiser: 1.700 eur + VAT
  • Monthly banner dimension of 300 x 250 with link to the website of the partner/advertiser: 1.500 eur + VAT