New glamping houses - Airhouse

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Glamping has arrived to Slovenia nine years ago when first glamping houses were set in Camping Bled.

Ever since, Slovenia has developed as glamping destination with various glamping accommodation possibilities – guests can choose from wine barrels to glamping tents, tree houses and floating glamping huts.

New are glamping house Airhouse that are designed and produced by Slovenian company in cooperation with Italian partners. They are providing to guests and opportunity for a pristine touch with nature and relaxing holidays for recharging the batteries far away from daily stress.

Airhouse glamping houses are especial as they are set 1.5 meter above the grounds – they are self-sustainable and can be set without additional infrastructure on the grounds (electricity, water, sewage system).

Custom made glamping houses

You can design and modify the glamping house Airhouse according to your wishes and needs. They offer three types of houses: classic, standard and comfort that differ in interior design. They are large enough to host 2 persons, while two additional beds can be provided with adjustment of the living room.

Construction is wooden, which gives pleasant atmosphere inside. Interior can beadjusted to your needs. It is possible to add or remove various items,add additional kitchen appliances, larger sofa or anything similar that would increase guests’ comfort.

Each glamping house has smaller kitchenette, bathroom with shower and chemical toilet, foldable table and benches that are used as well for bed. Balcony is the main part that will ensure great view and enjoyment in great environment. As additional equipment solar panels for electricity and rainwater harvesting and filtering can be added (500 liters).

Special attention is paid on details that ensure great final product. Mobile houses have large storage, comfortable beds and innovative design of social place. Different on type, houses are 5.3 to 7.3. large and 2.5 meters tall.

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