Situation in campsites in Slovenia after the floods

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Slovenia was affected by very heavy rainfall on Friday and Saturday, 4 and 5 August 2023, which has caused extensive damage in some regions, and several campsites are closed due to the effects of flooding and destroyed roads.

The northern part of Slovenia was worst affected, especially the Savinja Valley from Logarska dolina to Laško, Koroška, Posavje, the wider area of Kamnik, Mengeš, Škofja Loka, Žiri, Polhov Gradec ...

Which campsites in Slovenia are closed

As regards campsites, the biggest problems are in campsites along the Savinja river, with campsites closed from Latkova vas and then up to Mozirje, Rečice ob Savinji, Ljubno and Solčava.

The campsites Menina, Savinja, Loka, Na otoku, Park, NaturPlac, Šmica and also the camper stop Logarska dolina are closed. The Herbal glamping resort is also closed ann also this season renovated camper stop Golte.

In the SAvinja valley, the campsite Prodnik, which is some distance from the Savinja River, remained open this year. The Forest Mozirje campsite is also open.

In the Kamnik area, the road to Kamnik Bistrica was reopened at the end of August, and the Kraljevi hrib campsite is now open, while the Resnik campsite in Kamnik has also opened in mid-August.

In other areas of Slovenia, campsites are open as normal, as conditions have improved rapidly after the rains.