What is new in camps across island Cres?

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Croatian island Cres and Losinj are among the most popular camping destinations. Check what they have prepared for the upcoming season!

Croatian island Cres and Losinj are among the most popular camping destinations. Guests appreciate beautiful and untouched nature and mild climate which enables prolonged summer - in spring and in autumn, when the inland is getting colder, these two islands still offer warm days and which is even better than in high season, without thousands of tourists around.
kamp Čikat Lošinj
Company Jadranka kampovi is the biggest tourist company on the islands and manages four camps: Cikat, Slatina, Bijar and Baldarin. All these camps are known for their location next to the sea and clean surrounding nature.

Camping Cikat has been for years one of most wanted Croatian camps that is well known for its thick pine tress shade and rich animation program. In last year they have especially invested in improvement of animation and modernized shop that is now offering everything you need for easy camping holidays. It is possible to rent a mobile home or caravan in the camp that is also a very good location for the ones that love some of the cultural vibes during your holidays - there is less than half an hour walk to town Mali Losinj.

Camping Slatina in Martinscica on island Cres is well known by its beautifulkamp Slatina Cres beaches and perfect sanitary facilities. It is one of rare Croatian camps that is implementing project »Camping cum cane«, that ensures enjoyable holidays for all campers coming with their pets. They have beaches for dogs as well as showers, additionally they arranged also paths for summer walks.

Before starting season 2013 camp's restaurant will me renovated, two floating mooring places will set for smaller boats and improved road connection across camp.

Camping Bijar that is located on the outskirts of town Osor at the end of island Cres is smaller family camp that is usually selection for the ones looking peaceful holidays by clear blue sea. Thick pine woods trees, camping pitches in terraces, children''s animation, opportunity for various sports in camp and its vicinity as well as peaceful environment are main reasons for visiting this camp. It is also possible  to rent a caravan.

Camping Baldarin is located close to town called Punta Kriza and is mainly known to naturist lovers, though part of the camp is reserved for textile guests. It has found its place along 2km long beach that is mainly stoned and has some pebbled bays. It is perfect selection for the ones looking peaceful private place for enjoying clear nature.

This year ten new mobile homes have been set at the naturist part of the camp. As camp is managed always with a thought about the nature, this year new waste water treatment plant has been installed so that ll water will be re-used in sanitary facilities and for watering plants.

More information about camp Cikat, Bijar, Slatina and Baldarin are available at www.camps-cres-losinj.com, where you can also make a reservation for your perfect holidays!