Ferry prices and timetables in Croatia for 2024

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The camping season is open and the Croatian islands have many interesting campsites, so we have compiled information on the timetables and prices of the Jadrolinija and Rapska plovidba ferries. The most popular camping sites are on the islands of Cres, Lošinj, Rab and Pag, but you can also find many smaller campsites on the islands of Pašman, Ugljan, Brač, Hvar, Korčula, etc.

Camping and mobile home rental on the Croatian islands

There are more than 100 campsites on the Croatian islands, which are very different from one another.

Kvarner and northern Dalmatia in particular have some excellent campsites that are among the very top of European campsites. Popular campsites among Slovenians are Kovačine on the island of Cres, Čikat on Lošinj, San Marino and Padova on Rab, Straško and Šimuni on Pag - those are among the larger campsites with a wide range of additional facilities.

In central and southern Dalmatia, there are many smaller campsites on the islands, which offer a more peaceful camping experience, with beautiful beaches and clear sea. For example, Bunja on the island of Brač is one of the most modern campsites, and there are also popular campsites around Jelsa on Hvar, such as Holiday, Grebišče, Mina and smaller family-run campsites on Korčula.

Many campsites on the islands also offer mobile home rentals, which attract guests who don't usually choose camping holidays. Mobile homes are air-conditioned, have their own kitchen, bathroom, terrace and many allow pets, so you can take your dog with you on holiday. You can easily see prices for renting a mobile home at My-mobilehome.com.

The Oliver ferry will now run to Vela Luka

Jadrolinija bought a second-hand ferry last year, built in Japan in 1997, which will run on the Split - Vela Luka (Korčula) - Ubli (Lastovo) route.

Since the late Croatian singer Oliver Dragojević was from Vela Luka, Jadrolinija, at the initiative of Croatian musicians, named the ferry Oliver. The ferry is currently being renovated and is expected to be ready by the summer season.

Croatia: Ferry Timetable 2024

Almost all islands in Croatia are served by Jadrolinija ferries, only the Stinica - Mišnjak ferry line to the island of Rab is operated by the local company Rapska plovidba.

Looking at the updates in the timetable of Croatian ferries, it is commendable that some of the islands will be served by a larger number of ferries even outside the main season or that the timetable has been adapted to the arrival of tourists and the needs of the inhabitants on the islands.

Since the beginning of the year, more ferries have been operating on both ferry lines to the island of Cres (Valbiska and Brestova), which also means better access to Lošinj. There will also be more ferries to the islands of Dugi otok and Pasman in the Zadar area, as well as to the islands of Brač, Vis, Mljet and Korčula (from Pelješac on the Orebić - Dominče line).

On the ferry line from Ploče to Pelješac, the number of ferries has been reduced this year, as the peninsula is now well connected by the new Pelješac Bridge and there is no longer the need for a more frequent ferry service. .

Ferry prices unchanged, main season on some routes extended

Ferry prices have already increased in recent years, for a number of reasons: from higher fuel prices to the introduction of the euro and general increases in costs of living. For this year, no major increases are expected, but there have been some changes to the length of the main season.

On most ferry routes, the price list is still divided into a lower season with lower ferry fares, which this year applies to the dates between 1 January and 30 May. During the main season from 31 May to 29 September the prices are about 20% higher, which have not changed compared to last year.

On both ferry routes to Cres, Valbiska - Merag and Brestova - Porozina, where the ferry has been running more frequently since January, the main season price list now applies throughout the year.

Similarly, on the Brac Island route: Split - Supetar, where the high season runs from 23 March to 27 October, and on the Rab Island Stinica - Mišnjak ferry line, the high season price list will apply from 1 May to 20 September.

Price comparison of some ferry tickets for 2 persons and a car of up to 5 m in the main season 2024 (one way)

- island Cres (Valbiska - Merag and Brestova  - Porozina) ferry price € 28,39

- island Rab (Valbiska - Lopar) ferry price € 43,93

- island Pag (Prizna - Žigljen) ferry price 25,60

- island Brac (Split - Supetar) ferry price € 37,54

- island Hvar (Drvenik - Sućuraj) ferry price € 26, 84

- island Korcula (Orebić - Dominče) ferry price  22,69

The Jadrolinija mobile app allows you to buy ferry tickets and, on longer lines, to book your ride in advance

Several years ago, Jadrolinija launched a mobile app that allows you to buy ferry tickets quickly. The Jadrolinija app can be downloaded at the following links: Google Play and App Store.

It is advisable to buy a ticket in advance for longer ferry routes, as the purchase is considered as a reservation of your spot on the ferry. However, passengers must be at the port at least 45 minutes before the ferry departs - in high season it is recommended to arrive at least 60 minutes earlier.

Ferry bookings can be arranged for the ferry lines listed below by purchasing a ticket online in advance. As more and more people have been buying ferry tickets this way in recent years, it is almost essential to book a ferry ticket in advance for these islands, at least during the high season:

- for the island of Rab (Valbiska - Lopar)

- for the island of Lošinj (Zadar - Mali Lošinj line)

- for the island of Dugi otok (line Zadar - Brbinj)

- for the island of Brač (line Makarska - Sumartin)

- for the island of Hvar (line Split - Stari Grad)

- for the island of Šolta (line Split - Rogač)

- for the island of Vis (line Split - Vis)

- for the island of Korčula and Lastovo (line Split - Vela Luka - Ubli).

After purchasing the ferry ticket, just show it via your mobile phone when boarding the ferry and avoid stopping at the ticket office.

Additional information when purchasing ferry tickets in advance - if you purchased a ticket on a route where reservations are not needed, then you can travel with the purchased ticket within the whole day, which comes handy e.g. in case of traffic jams on the road. However, if you bought a ticket on a route where reservations are mandatory, then you have a spot reserved for a specific time slot. In case of a delay, you will have to cancel the ferry ticket (10% of the price will be charged) and then buy a new one.

Information about ferry transport for bikes and dogs

Many campers also take their bikes on holiday, so we checked with Jadrolinija about bikes attached to a vehicle on a ferry and the price of such transport. If you attach your bikes to the roof of the vehicle, this does not affect the price of the ferry and the standard vehicle height is still valid. However, if you have a bike rack at the back of the vehicle on a towbar and you exceed the length of e.g. 5m, then a higher price will be charged.

As for dogs on ferries in Croatia, they travel free of charge, but they are not allowed in the interior of the ferry, and care must be taken to ensure that they do not pose any danger to the other passengers.

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