Entrance to Croatia from 1.4. without quarantine

Publication date

Croatian government has accepted new regulations for entering Croatia, they enter into force on April 1st. Major novelties are enabled entrance for people that have been vaccinated against covid-19 and travellers with negative quick test.

New from April 1st

By the end of March Croatia allowed to enter without quarantine only to holders of negative PCR test or medical certificate, confirming that person has recovered from the COVID-19.

Croatian government has decided that from April 1st guests with negative quick tests or confirmation of COVID-19 vaccination. All documents that enable without quarantine entrance to Croatia:

- negative rapid test or PCR on covid-19 - maximum 48 hours from the testing (all tests from the EU). If the persons stays in Croatia longer than 10 days, they should made additional quick test within 10th day of their stay

- Negative PCR test - max 48 hours from the testing

- proof of COVID-19 vaccination (valid for all types of vaccines, at least 14 days after second vaccinatio or if only one vaccination is needed, 14 days after first vaccination)

- ertificate confirming that person has recovered from the COVID-19 - this can be a confirmation of the positive PCR or quick testing or medical confirmation that person has recovered from COVID-19 - all confirmations should be older than 11 days and not more than 180 days. (Confirmation that person has antibodies is no longer enough for crossing the border).

- Entrance without testing or additional certificates - person goes to 10 days quarantine with possible earlier termination of qurantine with negative rapid or PCR test.

It is new that children under 7 years, that are travelling with their parents or guardians, and they have proper documents (rapid, PCR test, vaccinatio or have recovered from COVID-19) are understood as an exception and can enter without negative test or qurantine.

For quicker border check it is still advisable to register through the online form Enter Croatia beforehand.

Exceptions for crossing border without tests or qurantine

The list of exceptions for entry into Croatia still includes: cross-border workers, schoolchildren, people traveling for urgent family, health or business reasons, journalists, health workers, sailors, workers in the transport sector, diplomats, soldiers, police officers and civil servants protection or humanitarian organizations.

Free passage is also possible for transit passengers, who must leave Croatia in 12 hours.