How much camping in Croatia costs?

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Prices of the camping are increasing every year, so we decided to compares prices of camping in Croatian Istria for family of 4 in 34 campsites. Prices vary a lot - from 32.20€ per night on.

Campsites in Istria are the best ones in Croatia. In season 2108 more than 1.3 million of guests decided for campsite in Istria, they made more than 9.9. million of overnights, which is 51% of all overnights in Croatian campsites.

Best campsites in Istria

Quality of the campsites has been rising in last years and there are four campsites that have been awarded with title ADAC Superplatz for this season. This brings them into great company of best 115 campsites around Europe. In Istria these are camping Aminess Maravea, Premium Camping Resort Lanterna, Camping Val Saline and naturist campsite Valalta. 

Novelties in campsites in Istria for season 2019

Campsites in Istria are constantly improving and most of the works will be finished before new camping season started.

In camping Aminess Maravea Resort in Novigrad they are building new swimming pools complex and have renovated one of the larger sanitary facilities. In camping Aminess Sirena two sanitary facilities will be renovated. Glamping tents will be available for rental in camping Park Umag.

In Lanterna new camping pitches have been arranged, mobile homes added, two swimming pools built and walking promenade by the sea arranged. Last season opened camping Santa Marina in Vabriga was englarged. 

On June 1st largest novelty will be opened - completely renovated campsite Istra Premium Resort that was until now operating as naturist camp, but will be arranged as camping resort from now on. There will be 670 camping pitches, mobile homes and glamping tents available for rental. Even swimming pools with slides will be built.

Camping Polari will get three newly renovated and modernized sanitary facilities. In Mon Perin in Bale will open in May new Paleo park that will include swimming pools with thematic parks about dinosaurs. 

Camping pitches in camping Pineta Fazana will have water access, sanitary facilities in the central part will be arranged and complete camp fenced. New outdoor swimming pools with slides have been built in camping Arena Kazela, new mobile homes added and reception built.

Comparing prices of camping in Istria for season 2019

We have checked how much camping for a family of four would cost in 34 campsites in Croatian Istria. We have taken into account a family - 2 adults and 2 children, 4 and 11 years old, that are camping in high season on arranged camping pitch with electricity and water or by the sea. We did not take into account additional costs, such as tourist and ecological taxes, registration fee and similar.

An average price for camping of a family on camping pitch with electricity in Istria in 54,40€ (last year it was 53,90€), while higher rise of the prices has happened for camping be the beach, where an average cost for family sums to 68,30€, which is 5.4% more than last year.

The most affordable prices are in camping Tunarica and Dvor on East coast of Istria, where family camping costs from 32 to 35€ per night. Cheaper than an average is as well camping on the southern tip of Istria, in campings Pineta, Brioni and Arena Runke.

Prices are higher in the well arranged campsites for pitches located by the beach and camping on very large camping pitches. More expensive camping would be in destinations around towns Novigrad, Porec and Rovin. In these campsites you would need to pay from 55 to 65€ per night for a family.

In campsites Lanterna and newly opened Istra Premium Resort you can as well find camping pitches that will cost you more than 100€ per night  - these are extra large luxury pitches for larger campers and caravans, that offer not only electricity, water and sewage, but as well private barbecue, shower and deckchairs.

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