Italian ski resorts remain closed until 5 March

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Italian government has only 12 hours before the expected opening of ski resorts in some regions decided that all ski resorts must remain closed until at least March 5th.

In Italy, the opening of ski resorts has been postponed several times this winter, and at the end of last week in the regions that had a good epidemiological picture - Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Veneto, Lombardy, Aosta and Piedmont - the responsible ones claimed that the season will start on February 15 or maybe a day or two later. 

On Sunday, February 14, evening, however, the Italian government announced that ski resorts in Italy have to remain closed at least until March 5th. This was the decision of the Italian Minister of Health, who decided that ski resorts should remain open only for professional skier, but not for recreational skiers. The main reason for such decision is the concern due to the expanded English version of the dangerous coronavirus.

Some ski resorts in regions Friuli-Venezia Giulia have planned to open the ski resorts on Friday, 19 February. Unfortunately, after the last decision of the government, they will have to remain closed until the beginning of March or they probably won’t even open this year’s ski season.

The ski resorts are outraged as information about the ban was given on Sunday at 7.30pm. Many have invested heavily in reopening and are now wondering who will repay them all.