Croatia is preparing for new season with project Safe stay in Croatia

Publication date

Croatia has presented project Stay safe in Croatia, where information about the steps for safer information taken by tourist sector, will be presented before the start of new season. Website is prepared for visitors coming to Croatia as well as for everyone working in tourist sector.

Safe tourist locations with badge 'Safe Stay in Croatia'

Croatia is well aware that they will all need to work together to ensure safe environment for all the guests that will be coming to Mediterranean.

They have set epidemilogical criteria for individual tourist accommodations, such as campsites, hotels, apartments, marinas and also for all other services as tourist guides, sports activties, restaurants, gas stations, ferries and airports, that will have to be respected - for higher security of everyone working there as well as tourists.

Locations that will follow all recommendations, will get special badge #SafeStayInCroatia that will tell visitors that tourist complex or services are organized in line with Croatian Public Health Institute.

Campsites - education for employees and information for guests

Last season proved that recommendations were followed in campsites by large majority of employees. This season they want to educate everyone about the importance of the precaution measures. This is especially important for wearing masks correctly, keeping the safe distance, following the restriction of the maximum number of people in closed areas, disinfection of hands and working areas.

Sanitary facilities will be focus of special attention. They will increase the frequency of the cleaning, disinfection and ventilation. The same applies for main reception buildings. Campsites need to ensure increase internet services, such as online reservations of camping pitches and mobile homes, easy check-in and check-out, sending invoices via email.

All guests will be upon arrival notified about all taken measures about the masks indoor, safe distance and restrictions on the number of persons in common areas.

A website have been established to provide up to date information about Coronavirus in Croatia, about measures in place and needed health protocols.

Tourists are welcome to submit their opinion and questions at the same website as well - they plan to adjust and update the current system regularly and contribute to highest possible safety of everyone in Croatia.