Camping and glamping along Kolpa river, Slovenia

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River Kolpa in the southern part of Slovenia is perfect camping destination. It is 118 km long and offers 17 very diverse camping locations that offer arranged camping pitches, mobile homes, glamping huts and glamping tents.

kampiranje - reka Kolpa

Camping along Kolpa river features camping in nature, close to greenery and river that ensure endless fun and relaxation. Children enjoy bathing and swimming in summer months, boarding on SUP boards, kayaks and in rafts. Kolpa is peaceful rivers with some smaller rapids and waterfalls in the upper and middle part of the river. Rafting is great for all family members as the descent is slow and soft.

There are several well-arranged cycling and hiking trails - and every year they add new ones. It is interesting to try cycling bike Kolpa e-bike from Metlika and Stari trg as well as 10km walking path from Radence to Damlje. We surely advice to consult the camp's staff who has lots of information and maps to share with guests.

You might have heard that panel fence has been set along the river by government to prevent the migration flows from the southern part of the Europe. Some locations have been lucky and have avoided the fence, while the others weren't so lucky. Where the fence was set-up it is in green color to be as little disturbing as possible, while doors have been added on several parts to ensure access to the river (for example at locations Vinica, Griblje, Krasinec). In several campsites, panels were built out before or after the campsite to enable peaceful holidays, while at some locations you will not see fence at all - like in camping Kanu Radenci for example.

We have visited all the campsites from East to West, where river is most peaceful. First we are presenting partner campsites that offer discount on our Avtokampi Camping Card that can be ordered for free at our website.

Our partner campsites along Kolpa river

Camping Bela krajina - Podzemelj

Largest family campsite along river Kolpa has been awarded with Ecocamping title. It was partly renovated in last years and can offer well-arranged camping pitches for campers and caravans as well as new larger sanitary facilities building. They have enriched their offer of bike rental and added electric bikes and organized cycling tours.

We should not miss to mention their sport facilities - they have adrenaline park, sports and kid's playgrounds, offer rental of SUP boards, kayaks, have picnic place and free daily children' workshops. There is beautiful summer restaurant at the campsite.

Campers will most probably find a proper well shaded camping pitch in the first rows by the river, while central part of the campsite is reserved for guests in romantic Celt glamping huts that are covered with straw roof. They have as well wellness corner. Most of the families decide for rental of mobile homes. They offer smaller ones Suite and larger ones Comfort, that can accommodate two families.

Avtokampi Camping Card holders are entitled to 3% discount on camping. More about campsite Bela Krajina - Podzemelj >>

Camping Kanu - Srednji Radenci

This is well arranged campsite that offers camping pitches for tents under fruit trees, some are as well suitable for campers and caravans.

The specialty of the Kanu campsite is the Eco Village Rincica with wooden glamping houses that you can rent. There are two types available - smaller houses for 2-3 people and larger ones for 4 people, equipped with bunk beds. All houses also have their own fridge and outdoor seating area. Guests at the campsite and glamping can order for daily breakfast.

In the evenings, a campfire is lit in the campground, a picnic area with benches and tables is available, and a bar is functioning in the reception building. Camping management is locally known as the main providers of rafting boats and canoes on the Kolpa river. The Kanu camp has a also a SUP center on the Kolpa with the possibility of renting more than 30 different SUP paddling boards, as well as renting electric bikes. Guided biking tours, yoga workshops are organized for guests, and the novelty is the Meditation Park - the heavenly labyrinth near Kolpa. The kids will enjoy playground and playing with pets from mini zoo, as well as alpacas, nandos, emoji, Himalayan prawns ...

There is direct access to the Kolpa from the campsite, and 200m from the campsite is a beautifully arranged pebble beach suitable for children at the dam and the old mill. From the dam up, the Kolpa is great for paddling on SUP boards.

On the camping card they offer 10 to 20% discount on camping and also on rafting services. More about Kanu Camping and Rafting on the Kolpa River

Kanu kamp - Kolpa

Camping Kolpa – Vinica

Nice campsite right at the end of Vinica (turn right before the border crossing to the left). Pitches right by the river are intended for stationary guests, and in the central part there are quite a few shady pitches suitable for tents as well as for trailers and campers. The sanitary facility is special, because it is self-made and unique as the combination of wood, natural stone and ceramic mosaics.

You can choose to rent mobile homes - the newer ones are larger (32m2) and are also equipped with a large terrace, while the smaller houses are older and big enough for 4 people. For those who come to the camp without camping equipment, there are also comfortable rooms made of clay. Each room can host 2 - 3 persons and cyclists are most frequent guests.

The campsite also has a bar where they prepare barbecue food, however, the campsite is quiet in the evenings, since the owners do not allow noise that would disturb other camp guests.

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PZA Benetic – Vinica

At the edge of Vinica, right next to the river Kolpa, you will find a camper-stop Benetic with all the necessary supplies. The space is nicely decorated with a 150-year-old mill that is still working.

There is a restaurant next to the stop, where guests can taste some local dishes.

Holders of of Avtokampi Camping card are offered a 10% discount in case of at least 2 nights stay. More about the only camper stop location by the river Kolpa >>

kampiranje ob reki Kolpi

Campsite Lovsin – Krizevska vas

Camping Lovsin is smaller campsite, located only 2km from town Metlika. There is nice place for tents by the river, while there are two additional meadows in the river's vicinity as well.

Lovsin is offering two large and beautiful glamping tents, that are equipped with king-sized bed and mini kitchen. Sanitary facilities have been recently renovated.

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kamp Loviš - reka Kolpa

Glamping Maleric – Dragatus

Maleric Tourism is 10 km away from Kolpa, but it is very much connected with the river and Bela Krajina. They offer four beautiful glamping houses for 4 to 6 people, set on a plateau, so guests have a great view of the meadows from the terrace.

Glamping houses have two bedrooms, a bathroom and a fully equipped kitchen with a living area so they are very suitable for families with children. Apartments for 2-5 persons are also available in a separate facility.

Glamping guests are offered swimming in the natural pond just outside the mobile homes during the summer months, and they can also enjoy the wellness, which is 150 meters away from the apartment house. Wellness facilities include an indoor pool, a sauna and a jacuzzi.

Holders of Avtokampi Camping Card are entitled to 20 - 50% discount - depending on the period of camping. More about Glamping Maleric >>

Other campsites and glampings from Metlika to Kostel

Glamping Big Berry - Primostek

Big Berry is offering rental of mobile homes by river Kolpa. As this is exclusive glamping settlement, they offer only 7 mobile homes of different sizes - for 2, 4 or 6 persons. Each mobile home has jacuzzi on its terrace. Breakfast is delivered in the basket to the terrace.

Shared place is popular especially in the evening, were they set fire and prepare different events for closed groups and team buildings.

Camping Krasinec

Just one kilometre from Podzemelj you will find pretty new campsite Krasinec. They offer 20 camping pitches arranged under birches, additionally 20 camping pitches are reserved for stationary guests.

Krasinec is first campsite by Kolpa river with swimming pool. Its smaller pool, but great fun for children in summer. They have arranged children's playground, pier for great jumps into the river and bar at the river banks.

Glamping Kolpa resort

It is not located by the river, but about 50m from Kolpa. It has smaller natural bathing place, which ensures refreshment at every moment. They offer three larger glamping tents, that are fully equipped with kitchen bathroom and two bedrooms. Additionally, they have wooden houses arranged in local style that can host 4 persons. Each house has terrace and mini kitchen, while sanitary facilities are in the shared building.

Camping Pezdirc Griblje

Mini campsite that is well known by its bathing place and restaurant. It is appropriate only for campers with tents and places for camping are arranged just by the river. Sanitary facilities are arranged in mobile sanitary facility by the bar. This is peaceful location during the week, but more lively for the weekends.

Camping Jankovic Stari pod - Adlesici

This is campsite that offers campsite and traditional wooden houses with gastronomic offer just by the river. It is popular among younger generations, especially for summer weekends.

Campsite is arranged along bathing place locally known as Trozkov slap - waterfall. Camping places are arranged on a meadow just by the river. Guests can use shared barbecue place, children's playhround, beach volleyball court and kanoe rental. Sanitary facilities have been renovated in last years.

For everyone looking for a bit more comfortable holidays - they offer wooden houses for 2 persons - Vile Kolpjanke that are made of local woods. Each house has smaller terrace, seating area and deck chairs.

Krone Kolpa Heave - Dolenjci

Settlement of mobile homes that is located 2km from river Kolpa and town Adlesici. They offer three larger wooden mobile homes built in local style. Two mobile homes have two bedrooms, while one is larger and has three bedrooms, so it can easily host 6 adults.

New is smaller house for 2 persons arranged in Flintstones style. Larger groups can stay in apartment house, large enough for 8 - 10 persons.

Camping Katra - Vinica

This is middle-sized campsite that ensures relaxation by the river and some sports activities as well - beach volleyball, football, basketball and table tennis.

Katra offers camping on soft meadow and rental of one mobile home for 4+1 person that is located on the river Kolpa banks.

Camping Madronic - Stari trg ob Kolpi

As part of the well-known restaurant Madronic, you will find here smaller place for camping with tents. Additionally, they enable sleeping on the barn. Dam on river Kolpa is arranged here which contributes to easy bathing, rowing and smaller pebble beach for children.

Kamp Muhvic - Stari trg ob Kolpi

This is middle-sized camping located by the river that is appropriate not only for tents but as well for campers and caravans. There are quite some stationary guests, however there is enough space for other guests.

There is children's playground, shared place with tables, benches and refrigerators. Rental of canoes is possible.

Camping Konda - Dol

Smaller campsite with few places for tents, as most of the camping pitches are reserved for stationary guests.

Camping Zaga - Kostel

Camping Zaga is located 1km from town Kostel. It is smaller and affordable camping that is offering peaceful holidays due to its distance from the main road. River Kolpa is 150 meters away.

This is as well great starting point for visiting castle Kostel and rafting on upper part of river Kolpa - from town Osilnica on.