ADAC selected best Slovenian campsites for season 2018

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German ADAC selected best campsites for 2018 and among Slovenian camps they exposed Terme Catez, camping Natura - Terme Olimia, camping Bled, Sobec and Soncni gaj - Terme Banovci.

German auto-club selected best campsites and published ADAC Campingführer for season 2018 - 25 Slovenian campsites among them. ADAC - najboljši kampi v Sloveniji -

German campers have made more than 300.000 overnights in Slovenian campsites
Campers from Germany are the numerous foreign guests in Slovenian campsites - in 2017 they have made more than 47% overnights in Slovenia than in 2016 (counting olny 1-10 months). We are quite sorry that the camping guide has no information about the campsites along Slovenian rivers that would be interesting for lovers of clean nature - campsites along rivers Soca, Nadiza and Kolpa.

Rating of Slovenian campsites
German camping inspectors are rating campsites according to their sanitary facilities (contributes 39% to final mark), arrangement of the pitches, additional sport and animation programme, shops and restaurants as well as bathing opportunities - in natural environment or in swimming pools.

This season ADAC rated 109 European campsites with maximu rate - 5 points - and title Superplatz. We are sorry that there is no Slovenian campsites among them (there are 5 Superplatz campsites in Croatia), but there are two Slovenian camps rated with 4.5 point and three camps with 4 points - which is great achievement as well.

German inspectors have generally increased their criteria so that average mark of Slovenian campsites is a bit lower than previous years - 2.9 (3.18 points last year). ADAC has among Slovenian providers of camping services pointed out thermal campsites with their offer of outdoor and indoor swimming pools as well as animation program. Sport opportunities are rich in campsites along rivers and lakes, however majority of points campsites Slovene campsites loose for rating of sanitary facilities and arrangements of camping pitches. In last years trends have been developing rapidly and guests are becoming more demanding - pitches need to have connection to electricity and water, sewage is most welcome as well, while sanitary facilities need to be functional and spacious.

ADAC - najboljši kampi v Sloveniji - avtokampi.siBest Campsite in Slovenia - Terme Catez
Campsites Terme Catez and Natura - Terme Olimia received 4.5 points - camping Terme Catez received maximum points in three categories (number of sanitary facilities, sport facilities and animation). Both camps received many points for offer of swimming pools and a bit lower ones for sanitary facilities, pitches, shop and restaurant facilities. 

Terme Catez is best rated Slovenian campsite, where new camping pitches have been arranged in the vicinity of Thermal Riviera. They have added additionally sanitary facilities and renovated offer of Indian tents. In camping Natura (Terme Olimia) camping offer has been enriched with glamping settlement Olimia Adria Village. Additionally Wellness Centre Thermalia has been modernized and attractive slide Black Cannon added to the existing swimming pools and slides.ADAC - najboljši kampi v Sloveniji -

Med zelo dobre slovenske kampe sodijo tudi kampi z oceno 4 – kampi: Bled, Šobec in Sončni gaj - Terme Banovci .

Camping Bled received great marks for number of sanitary facilities, camping pitches and gastronomic offer - however, they have not included an option to bath in Bled lake which is less than 100 meters from the campsite. For season 2018 will camping Bled renovate one sanitary building, part of the camping pitches and electricity connection across the camp. Camping Bled has received as well award from Dutch camping portal CampingNavigator for best European campsite in category 'nature'.

Camping Sobec has received good points for its rich offer of sport activities and bathing opportunities.It will get new building with restaurant, animation room and shop, new camping pitches. Camping Soncni gaj received great point for sanitary facilities, animation programe, gastronomic offer and arranged swimming pools.

ADAC - najboljši kampi v Sloveniji - avtokampi.siCampsites that were rated with 3.5 points are: Adria Ankaran, Terme 3000, Terme Ptuj, Ljubljana Resort, Podzemelj and Danica from Bohinjska Bistrica.

Campsites that received this season 3 points  are campsites Spik, that lost some points for sport and animation offer. In this category ADAC classified categories Koren, Radovljica, Menina and Terme Lendava.
Campsites, that were marked with points 2.5 are mostly smaller campsites from all parts of Slovenia - Vodenca, Lijak, Smlednik, Kekec, Dolina and Pivka jama, where inspectors missed richer additional services and option for bathing.

Campsites Lucija, Lazar and Zlatorog received 2 points - sanitary facilities and camping pitches would need to be improved for higher ranking. Camp Lazar is planning to built new sanitary building this season.