A German ADAC made comparison of camping rates in Europe

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Camping is cheap in Eastern Europe, but not so much in Croatia. The European average price of a night for two adults and a 10-year-old child, including pitch, supplementary charges, electricity, hot showers and local tax is 32.16€.adac camping superplatz fuehrer Kroatien Slowenien

In Germany you can stay one overnight for nearly seven Euros less than the European average, 25.45€. Only Poland (20.71€) and Hungary (23.83€) are more affordable. The camping prices in Germany rose from the previous year by almost three percent – an average price for staying one day in camp in 2009 was 24.75€ per night.

The highest prices can again be found in Italy. Campers have to pay for their stay here almost ten Euros more than the European average – 41.30€. In general, camping holidays cost more on the Atlantic or Mediterranean coastline than the ones in inland countries. In Spain you will pay on average 37.21€, in Croatia 33.55€ and in France (34.47€) per night. Holland, Switzerland and Austria are with 34.98€, 32.30€ and 29.64€ somewhere in the middle.

The price increase in European campsites was in most countries smaller than last year. Contrary can be found for countries outside the euro zone, where exchange rate for Euro payers has been unfavorable in last year. This is clearly demonstrated with a price increase in Sweden, where an average price for stay has risen for 4€  to 26.04€ per night in 2010.