Strekna cycling route connects Velenje and Dravograd - opening of a new section

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Strekna cycling route follows the abandoned route of a former railway line. The section from Gornji Dolic to Slovenj Gradec and Dravograd has been open for several years. The last 9.4 km long section of the cycling route Velenje - Gornji Dolic, which passes through the Huda luknja gorge, will be officially opened on Tuesday, 21 May. Here are photos and a video of the new section of the cycle route.

Strekna cycle route will now be 35 kilometres long in total. It is a beautifully maintained cycling route, separated from the main road, which is very suitable for family cycling. During the summer months, there is also a bus with a bike trailer on the route, so you can return to your starting point.

After the opening of the new part of the Strekna, the route between Velenje and Dravograd will be fully connected, and if there is any strength left, there is also a 10 km long cycle route further on the Austrian side to the bathing lake on the river Drava in Lavamünd.

At Dravograd, you can also connect to the Drava Cycling Route to Radlje ob Dravi and Maribor.

Strekna cycling route is a fully asphalted cycle path that climbs gently from Velenje (altitude 411 m) to Mislinja (590 m) and then descends gently on a 25.5 km route to Slovenj Gradec and Dravograd (341 m).

The start of the ŠSrekna cycling route is in Selo near Velenje (location), but for campers, the best place to start cycling is at the beautifully arranged Camping Velenje, where they also offer bicycles for hire.

The new section of the cycle route from Velenje to Mislinja (9.4 km) passes through four tunnels and over four overpasses, leading the cyclist along and over the main road.

Along the route, there are also several stopping points with benches, tables and information boards where you can stop and get further information about the route and the railway that once ran along the route.

The old section of the Strekna from Gornji Dolic to Dravograd is also pleasant to ride, especially in the direction of Koroska, as there is only a climb of a few 100 metres at the start of the route to Mislinja, followed by a pleasant hour and a half of cycling towards Dravograd.

In the village Turiska vas, right next to the cycling route, there is a wooden exercise park, so you can stop and do some exercise. Otherwise, the route to Smartno pri Slovenj Grad also passes through hop plantations.

In 2024, the Strekna bus will run every Saturday and Sunday between 6 July and 29 September, as well as on the public holiday on 15 August. It is a 30-seat bus, which is additionally equipped with a trailer for 16 bicycles. It departs from Velenje at 8:00 and 15:30, and from Dravograd at 9:54 and 17:34.

For cyclists arriving by camper van, there is a camper stop Slovenj Gradec, and there is also a camper stop at Kope, so you can extend your stay.

There is also a smaller campsite at Lavamünd on the Austrian side of the lake, where there are around 25 pitches.

3rd Amateur Culture Day at Strekna

On Saturday, 18 May 2024, a traditional event will take place on the Strekna cycling path and in the centre of Slovenj Gradec, when there will be a lot going on. A list of all the events is available in the gallery.