Tourists can enter Slovenia with reservation and without quarantine

Publication date

Slovenian Government has on Monday, 25.5. adopted an amendment to the decree on measures at border crossings and allowed tourists from EU countries to enter Slovenia with booking confirmation for a stay at the hotel, camp or apartment without a 14-day quarantine. Owners of real estate and boats enter Slovenia without quarantine as well.

The Decree still defines that citizens of Slovenia and EU citizens who have permanent or temporary residence in Slovenia may enter Slovenia without a 14-day quarantine. All other persons must be quarantined, but there are some exceptions that apply to EU citizens who do not have permanent or temporary residence in Slovenia.

The most important exception are tourists with confirmed reservation of accommodation in Slovenia. Any tourist with permanent or temporary stay in EU country or other Schengen countries can enter Slovenia as a tourist without going to quarantine. Thus, tourists from Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Italy, Hungary and others can now come to Slovenia for holidays without any problems.

Guests have to receive a reservation from a camp, hotel or apartment in Slovenia in advance. Reservation should have all guests names, arrival and departure dates. This booking confirmation is than showed at the border crossing to the police control.

Croatia is on a special list of countries with good epidemiological status, so their citizens do not need additional documents to enter Slovenia (bilateral agreement of National Institutes of Public Health).

Exceptions for EU citizens who do not need to be quarantined after entering Slovenia are:

- confirmed reservation in accommodation in Slovenia

- transit traffic of passengers from the EU who travel through Slovenia to another country on the same day

- a person and close family members who own real estate, a registered aircraft or a boat in Slovenia

- cross-border workers

- drivers of lorries in transit or on the way to Slovenia

- diplomats, police officers, members of the protection and rescue services…

- a person who has a medical procedure in Slovenia

- a person involved in education and scientific research

- persons who own land on both sides of the state border

- persons attending the funeral of a close relative

- a person who crosses the border for family reasons to maintain contact with close family members and returns across the border on the same day

- a person who is a close relative of a citizen of Slovenia or lives with him in a common household and has a permanent or temporary residence in an EU country.

For persons coming from third countries it is still obligatory upon entering Slovenia to go to a 14-day quarantine at the address where they will be accommodated. Exceptions are diplomats, drivers in international traffic on the way to or through Slovenia, members of protection and rescue services, persons who have planned medical examinations in Slovenia or participate in the educational process.