Camp Lanterna - new Leading Camping!

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Lanterna Camp is situated on the islet of Lanterna near the town of Tar, between Novigrad and Poreč.

At the meeting of the Assembly of organization known as the "Leading Campings of Europe" held recently in Zell am See in Austria, a decision was made on the acceptance of new members of the elite organization that encompasses up to 32 of the best campsites in Europe, which now includes Valamar’s Lanterna Camp.slika.asp?slika=278

Lanterna camp, located in Poreč, was officially recognized by this elite organization based on the careful research of the quality of the camps which was conducted by one of the owners of the member camps and confirmed by the results compiled by Mystery Shopping. As a result, Croatia will now have two representatives as do Spain, the Netherlands and Austria.

As part of this prestigious achievement, the Director of Operations - Campsites in Valamar hotels & resorts, Mrs. Josipa Cvelić Bonifačić, made the following statement: "Out of a total of 21 thousand camps in Europe, only 32 are members of the Campings of Europe organization. For Valamar, being at the very top of the European level of quality, means not only strengthening its existing position on the market but also marks the possibility of branching out and establishing itself onto new markets. The most developed competition countries have but a few representatives in this organization such as France which of its 12 thousand camps has only 5 members in the organization (Denmark and Spain three and Austria and the Netherlands two). Now there are two Croatian camps in this prestigious group, Lanterna and Zaton, which confirms that Croatia has an exceptionally competitive and high quality European camping product. This quality has been recognized by our returning guests – in Slovenia two of our camps, Lanterna and Ježevac, recently received the "Best Camp of 2011" award as chosen by more than twenty thousand campers."

Leading Campings of Europe (LCE)
Leading Campings of Europe is a European organization which was founded in 1994 by the owners of leading camps so that a joint effort could be made towards exchanging experiences and improving the quality level of camps. The LCE brings together the highest quality European camps some of which have been in operation for more than half a century. The priorities of the LCS camps include top quality service and staff, constant improvement of what the camps have to offer and exceptional environmental awareness confirmed by numerous certificates. The LCE is constantly reaffirming what makes a camp one of the best camps with the best service which can then be used as a reference for all other camps in Europe.

Lanterna camp
Lanterna Camp is situated on the islet of Lanterna near the town of Tar, between Novigrad and Poreč. The camp offers various quality activities on more than 80 ha which can comfortably accommodate as many as 9000 guests. It is enhanced by a 3 km long shoreline which is marked with a prestigious Blue Flag. It has also received numerous awards for its achievement in outdoor tourism. Among the awards received two stand out - ADAC Superplatz 2011 – Red Plaque awarded by the ADAC, the largest European auto club and this year’s Slovenian award "The Best Camp of 2011" based on the voting results of Slovenian campers.