Best Croatian campsites in season 2020

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Voting for the best campsites in Slovenia and Croatia Naj kamp Adria has come to an end. This years winners are Valkanela, FKK Koversada and Polidor in Istria, while Cikat, Draga, Strasko and Lupis were the best in the southern part of the Croatia.

Naj kamp Adria 2020

Summer season has been great, but spring and autum visitors are missing

Croatian campsites have opened their season at the end of May, however, guests from many countries had difficulties reaching Croatia due to several traveling restrictions.

Camping lovers have selected as well best campsites, glamping resorts and camper stops in Slovenia >>

Valkanela and Polidor are the best campsites in Istria

Campsites in Istria had fairly good season, given the global circumstances, as they are the region with lower decrease of guests comparing to last season. Here majority of best Croatian campsites are located, which is guarnatee for guests from all over the Europe.

Larger Campsites - Istria

Camping Valkanela from Vrsar has received the highest number of votes. This is quite diverse campsite, where families are having fun along several children playgrounds, long beach and swimming pool complex.

On the second place voters have put camping Lanterna Premium from Porec and on third place Camping Porto Sole from Vrsar.

1. Camping Valkanela - Vrsar
2. Camping Lanterna Premium resort - Porec
3. Camping Porto Sole - Vrsar
4. Camping Pineta - Fazana
5. Camping Mon Perin - Bale

Smaller campsites - Istria

Majority of campsites in Istria fall in category of larger campsites, however, several great smaller ones can be found here as well. They are most praised for their hospitability and home feeling.

For the second year in the row have campers selected Camping Polidor from Funtana as the best one. This is one of the first campsites in Croatia that is opened all-year-long, while its tidiness and friendly staff are among their best qualities.

On the second place among smaller campsites guests have selected new Camping Lighthouse from Savudrija that is opened as well through out the whole year, while camping Puntica has reached third place.

1. Camping Polidor - Funtana
2. Camping Lighthouse - Savudrija
3. Camping Puntica - Funtana
4. Camping Ulika - Rovinj
5. Kranjski camp - Premantura

Best Campsites on Kvarner - Cikat and Draga

Kvarner is part of Croatia with islands Krk, Cres, Losinj and Rab and very popular among lovers of camping. They love Meditteranean climate, beautiful beaches and clear blue sea.

Best larger campsites - Kvarner

Camping Cikat from Mali Losinj is again the winner among campsites on Kvarner. Every year they prepare some novelties and this spring they prepared new camping pitches, renovated sanitary facilities and improved their sport services.

With the second place voters awarded camping Kovacine from city Cres and camping Njivice from island Krk that has been renamed into Camping Aminess Atea Resort.

1. Camp Cikat – Mali Losinj
2. Camping Kovacine - Cres
3. Camping Aminess Atea Resort – Njivice
4. Camping Jezevac Premium Resort - Krk
5. Camping Lopari - Nerezine

Best smaller campsites - Kvarner

Award for the best smaller campsites on Kvarner went o Mosceniska Draga to an excellent campsite Draga. It is very tidy and even if it is not located directly by the beach, guests like to return due to the great atmosphere there.

Second place was awarded to camping Mali from Baska (on island Krk) and third to camping Rapoca from Nerezine on island Losinj.

1. Camping Draga - Mosceniska Draga
2. Camping Mali - Baska, island Krk
3. Camping Rapoca - Nerezine, island Losinj
4. Camping Bor - town Krk island Krk
5. Camping Tiha - Silo, island Krk

Best Campsites in Dalmatia

Dalmatia is region in Croatia that is streaching from island Pag to Dubrovnik and Cavtat, which includes several islands. On this part of the coastline we find several smaller campsites and only few larger ones.

Larger campsites - Dalmatia

Campsites that got largest Campsites that got largest number of votes is camping Strasko on island Pag. Well shaded camping pitches, large pitches and one of the best animation program in combination of pre-season and off-season special prices, are inviting primarily families.

On the second place for season 2020 is camping Simuni from island Pag and camping Adriatic from Primosten.

1. Camping Strasko - Novalja, island Pag
2. Camping Simuni - Pag
3. Camping Adriatic - Primosten
4. Kamp Kozarica - Pakoštane
5. Kamp Jezera Village - Murter

Smaller campsites - Dalmatia

Peljesac was this season popular destination for all the ones that usually travel to the southern part of Europe. Camping Lupis is among the popular family campsites on the peninsula and the awarded first campsite is surprise. They have excellent sanitary facilities and special arrangement that ensured security in this season.

Second place was awarded to camping Slanica to island Murter, while third place was given to camping Navis in Novalja on island Pag that will be named Terra Park next year.

1. Camping Lupis - Loviste, Peljesac
2. Camping Slanica - Murter
3. Camping Navis / camping Terra Park - Novalja, island Pag
4. Camping Olea - Novalja, island Pag
5. Camping Biograd

Best Naturist Campsites

Along the Croatian coastline there are only 14 campsites ensuring naturist campsites. Guests are here able to enjoy camping without their clothes in a beautiful natural environment.

First award was by the opinion of the campers given to FKK campsite Koversada from Vrsar, where they added settlement of mobile homes along the Lim channel this season.

Second place went to camping Ulika from Porec and third to camping Baldarin from town Punta Kriza on island Cres.

1. Camping Koversada - Vrsar
2. Camping Ulika - Porec
3. Camping Baldarin – Punta Kriza
4. Camping Valalta – Rovinj
5. Camping Kovacine - Cres

Best offer of mobile homes rental

Mobile homes have been in last years great additional offer to several campsites. They offer apartment comfort in natural environment and with kitchen and bathroom provide also very safe camping experience.

In this category Croatian and Slovenian campsites have been joined. First award went to River camping Bled that hosts settlement of the newest mobile homes that are with wonderful wooden details arranged on the edge of the camp.

Second place was belonged to mobile homes in camping Krk Premium that hosts first mobile homes settlement without car, which ensures additional peaceful holidays. On third place campers have selected mobile homes in camp Aminess Maravea Resort from Novigrad.

1. River Camping Bled - Lesce
2. Camping Krk Premium Resort
3. Camping Aminess Maravea Resort – Novigrad
4. Camping Strasko - Novalja
5. Camping Adria – Ankaran