Visiting Festive Ljubljana in December with camper

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Visiting nicely decorated Ljubljana in December is good opportunity for family visit of the town. They have turned on the lights at the end of November and festive city is inviting tourists until the New Years day.

There are many domestic and foreign guests coming with campers to Ljubljana and there are several facilities and parking places arranged. List of all can be found at the end of this text.

The Land of ice, Magical woods and more

Festive Ljubljana is in December inviting you to various locations - offering Christmas markets, concerts, nicely decorated old city part with great view to the Ljubljana castle.

We recommend a walk through the Congress Square, where the Magical Forest is on display this year, and the hall, which is chilled to 4 degrees below zero, presents the Ice Land. Different sculptures, a children's ice slide and an ice bar were carved out of 80 tons of ice. You can continue to the Ljubljanica embankment, where various stalls, mostly with handicraft products, are set up. 

New Year's Eve for children and adults with midnight fireworks

On the Congress Square, children will celebrate the arrival of the new year at 16:00. With fairy tale characters, they will see the musical performances of the children and rejoice in the arrival of Santa Claus.

The New Year's Eve in Ljubljana will be colorful and at midnight a firework from the castle will illuminate the sky above the city. The main stage at the Congress Square will be performed by: Kingston and Luka Basi, the City Square will feature Spicikuc Orchestra, Neisha, the Pogacar Square ensemble Ceglar, Fredi Miller and Come Back Band and the French Revolution Square - Omega Sun, Alo !, the Old Man, Srd and Niet.

List of all events in Festive Ljubljana.

List of the concerts in December in Ljubljana.

Visiting Festive Ljubljana with camper - list of campsites and camper stops 

In December many campers visit Ljubljana to feel its festive atmosphere. We have checked where they can stay.

There is only one campsite Ljubljana’s vicinity, Camping Ljubljana Resort that is opened all year long. Camping in the period od December’s holidays costs 14.9€ per person and 10.4€ for children between 5 and 14 years. This price already includes camping pitch, while electricity need to be paid additional 6€.

There are some arranged camper stops in Ljubljana and its surrounding:

Camper stop Dolgi most is located on the western side of Ljubljana. There is camper supply station and machine to buy city card ‘Urbana’ which is used for paying the local city bus. Parking for campers is free on Saturday and Sunday, while during the work-days parking costs 2.4€ per hour and 6€ for night, from 8 pm to 6 am (20.00 – 6.00 next day).

Camper stop Vrbinc is located on the southern side of town and is certainly the best arranged. It is located 4km from city centre. It offers arranged parking places, electricity, water and rest of supply, toilets and showers. First night costs 20€ and each consequent night 15€.

Campers can park as well at the Camper stop at restaurant Livada (20 minuts walk to the city centre), where campers pay 10€ per night and is free of charge if you are guest of the restaurant. There is no supply available.

There is one camper stop on the northern side of Ljubljana as well – camper stop Colonial, that is around 20min walk from the city centre. Parking with electricity costs 12€.

The newest camper stop is camper stop Lipa, that is located a bit outside Ljubljana, on its northern side. As it is not in the city centre, it is the most peaceful among all listed ones. Parking overnight costs 19€ with full supply, they as well help and organize taxi transfer to the city centre. 

It is possible to park camper at the central parking closest to the city centre, parking Tivoli. Its price is 2.4€ per hour, while stay during the night between 8pm and 6 am (20.00 to 6.00 next day) costs 6€. As far as we know, parking is free of charge on Saturday and Sunday.