TakeOff trailer - new camping concept

Publication date

Dutch company Easy Caravanning has at the camping and caravaning fair presented new camping trailer TakeOff. Check new photographs and description of the presented trailer.

Experts of Easy Caravanning have designed a trailer that combines advantages of a tent trailer and classic touring caravan. It brings together quick and easy setup, solid rooftop and functional interior.

Trailer is lightweight trailer with a maximum weight up to 750 kg, which means that you can drive it with regular driving licence B. As trailer is also small by its dimensions - long only 4.92m and 1.85 wide - it can be towed also with smaller and electric cars. TakeOff is available in seven colours so it will go nicely along with your car.

Camping in 30 seconds

The biggest advantage of the TakeOff trailer is that it is set up in only 30 seconds, which makes it the most suitable for camping lovers that love to travel and discover several interesting locations during their holidays.

Side flex walls of the trailer are from tent cloth and have integrated panoramic windows. System of the gas springs are enabling easy opening and closing, which is most similar to the opening of the trunk of the car. Rare wall has doors and steps for easier entrance in the trailer, very useful are as well LED lights that are strong enough not only for lightening the trailer, but camping pitch as well.

Interior of the trailer is small, but with standing height and functional design. On the left side is kitchen that comes with two gas cooking stations, sink and refrigerator. Its speciality is that one can relocate the kitchen outside and enjoy cooking in the nature. Toilet can be added as well.

Central space includes two benches and table that can be easily transformed into a comfortable double bed of 205 x 160 cm. If you would like to use the trailer all year long, it is possible to add heating as well.

Who should not miss new TakeOff trailer

Trailer is designed for all active travellers that, from young active explorers to older-ones, that want to explore new places for longer or shorter camping holidays.

TakeOff trailer can be towed with smaller car and can be due to its compact dimensions parked at home, where it can be ready and waiting for your next adventure. In the future it might be possible to rent TakeOff trailer on different locations abroad.

Basic price of TakeOff trailer is 12.995€. And there are several accessories available, such as cycling trailer, awning extension, larger tires and more. First trails will be available in March 2020.

More information about the TakeOff trailer can be found at https://www.easycaravanning.com/