When will campsites around Europe open again?

Publication date

Numerous lovers of camping are waiting for information when tourist season after the corona-crisis will start. We have gathered information for some countries around Europe, checked current situation on the borders and foreseen dates for opening of the campsites.


At the moment, it is planned that campsites will open on June 1st. However, informally it is possible to hear that due to good health situation in the country and with consensus of the National Institute of Public Health, it might be possible to open campsites in the middle of May. The same goes for smaller accommodation units that offer up to 30 units/rooms.

Swimming pools and wellness centers are planned to be opened on June 1st.


Campsites have not been closed in Croatia - one is opened in Istria and three in Dalmatia. Majority of the campsites has announced opening in the middle of May, however, these dates have been rescheduled until the borders for tourists are not opened. 

Taking into accounts statements of Slovene and Croatian ministers for tourism, it is expected that borders for tourists will open around June 1st. For now, it is planned that in first phase (second half of May) borders will be opened for Slovene owners of real estate, while borders should open for all tourists in beginning of June. At the moment it is not clear what will be the protocols for crossing the border - weather there will be any tests, temperature measurement or anything similar. 


Campsites are planned to open on May 29th in Austria, at the same time as hotels. Controls are still carried out at the borders, and this protocol has been prolonged by the end of May. Anyone that enters Austria need to go to self-quarantine for 14 days. They are working actively on agreement with Germany, as German tourists are playing an important part in Austrian tourism.


The Italian borders will be opened cautiously on June 3, when the 14-day quarantine for foreign tourists will be lifted. This year, they are betting more on domestic guests, and the campssites in Italy are also expected to open in early June.


Germany has advised to cancel all non-essential travels up to June 14th. They expect increase interest in camping and consequently higher prices - they requested campers to make their reservations as soon as possible. Larger numbers of domestic tourists are expected for the end of May already, when they have Pentecostal holidays (Pinksteren).

Some campsites in certain German regions will be opened since May 11th, but only with consideration of strict hygiene regulations. Lower Saxony region and North Rhine-Westphalia are within these regions. In Thuringia campsites will on May 13th, but only for campers and caravans. In regions Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg and Hesse they are planning to open their campsites before the Pentecostal holidays that start on May 30th. 

In certain regions are campsites opened only for stationary guests that have sanitary facilities at their pitch. In the middle of May camper-stops are planned to be opened. The same goes for mobile homes.

The Netherlands

Some campsites are open in the Netherlands, but only for guests that have self-sufficient camping homes and do not need sanitary facilities. According to the last information, campsites will be allowed to open sanitary facilities only after July 1st.


Switzerland will start to loosen the regulations on May 11th and with some limitations open restaurants, museums, schools and sports facilities. Campsites are still closed, but hotels are opened. The next date for the revision of the regulations is June 8th and campsites are hoping that they will be open their doors after that revision, if not even a bit before.


Campsites on Poland are opened since May 4th.


Campsites are open in Denmark and Sweden. They have opened campsites on May 1st in Norway, but only for mobile homes and campers with sanitary facilities, as sanitary facilities in the campsites need to be closed.


It was announced in last days that Serbia is planning to open borders for tourists in summer months. Campsites and start of the tourist season will start right after that.


Greece is focusing at the moment on protocols for entrance to the country of the guests arriving by plane, only than they will arrange protocols for crossing the borders by car. It all depends on opening of the borders with North Macedonia and Bulgaria. All Greek islands are closed until May 18th. At the moment they are thinking about June 1st as start of the tourists season, which will mean that some hotels will open. Second phase, when also campsites will open, is currently planned for somewhere between June 15th and July 1st.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia is keeping a 14 days self-isolation for BiH citizens, while foreigners are not allowed to enter to the country - only transit is allowed. At the moment, they are not thinking about tourist season, that depends largely on foreigners. They are planning to open restaurants at the end of May.