Corona virus affecting start of the camping season in Slovenia and Croatia

Publication date

Due to the current situation and the rapid spread of the coronavirus, the camping season of 2020 in many campsites is postponed to later dates, and some campsites that are open year-round have closed their doors. Bistros and restaurants in Slovenia and Istria in Croatia are closed.

Camping season will in 2020 start later

Campsites in Croatia

Several campsites in Croatia have close their doors though the government have not officially closed them - they have decided to do so due to the restricted movement of people withing Croatia and across the borders. As always, there are some exceptions and according to our information, camping Mon Perin in Bale, Park Soline in Biograd and camping Lupis on Peljesac peninsula are opened.

All other campings have reschedule their opening to the second half of May - the most decisive information will be a political one - crucial are opening of the border crossings for tourists and abolish of obligatory 14-days long self-quarantine that is currently needed for any foreigner coming to Croatia.

Campsites in Slovenia

On Monday, March 16th, all bars, bistros and restaurants are closed in Slovenia. The same applies to all public transport services - bus and train connections.

All campsites and hotels in Slovenia must be closed from 16.3. as well as wellness, fitness and other non-essential services. Chamber of tourism have suggested to the government that campsites in Slovenia could open from June 1st. However, there have not been any official decision on the matter yet.

How will this camping season look like?

No one knows how long the epidemic will last, but it can be said that camping will be slightly different after that. Hopefully higher temperatures will keep the virus weakened, but this has not yet been confirmed.

Campsites want to be able to open the doors for Easter or at least until May Day holiday, but it all depends on the situation until then. Many of us ask what to do with a flat fee or a mobile home reservation, but unfortunately we do not have a concrete answer in the current situation. We all hope that the situation will improve as soon as possible and that most of the camping season will take place only by following the instructions below.

However, camping is definitely the best form of vacation, and we received information from foreign media that, for example, there has been hige increase in demand for camping in Japan, as the risk of infection is lower than in hotels.

When camping, we stay in the nature, cook on our own, and can refrain from having close contact with guests on adjacent plots. The greatest risk of infection is the use of sanitary facilities. Here, campers and caravan owners have the advantage of being able to use their own restrooms as part of a holiday vehicle.

Campsites will therefore be preparing for an even better cleaning and disinfection of toilets by the start of the season, but camping guests will also need to add their part - take care for cleanless and especially for washing hands duly. It will be especially important that children are taught about all that as well.

Mobile homes also present a lesser risk, since in this type of vacation guests do not have direct contact with other tourists. At the same time, all mobile homes are equipped with their own toilets and have their own kitchen where meals are prepared.

We also looked at the use of swimming pools and wellness centers. According to the experts, the risk of infection in pools is low, since the minimal amount of chlorine in pool water "kills" any virus. Of course, strict hygiene and infection prevention instructions outside the swimming pools must be followed.

We hope that all of us, together with the instructions, manage to stop the spread of coronavirus as soon as possible, and that we will spend that summer at our favorite camping destination.