Coloring pages of Adria caravans and motorhomes

Publication date

Corona virus has in recent days changed our lives. Every day we monitor the spread of the virus at home and around the world, schools and kindergartens are closed, the economy has almost stopped. Because the authorities say it is best to stay at home, we have prepared some coloring books for children with cartoon motives and Adria holiday vehicles.

Many are now working from home, most of the children have are working for school at home. After school work is done, kids can relax a bit with some board games, playing cards, dancing, singing.

If you have a smaller tent in the basement, you might create a camping atmosphere in the living room to prepare for camping season, and let the children sleep in the tent one night.

We have remembered that couple of years ago we visited open days of the Adria company that is leading Slovenian company in production of caravans, motorhomes and mobile homes. We received there some coloring pages with cartoon characters.

You can print the coloring papers for children to remember a bit on summer camping and to remember them that soon we'll be camping again. They can also be colored with computer programs, painter, for example.