Campsites in Novigrad, Funtana, Vrsar and Rovinj will open after May 15th

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We received some new information from campsites in Novigrad, Vrsar in Rovinj, that are planning to open their doors due to the Coronavirus only after May 15th.

Situation related to the coronavirus is in Croatia managed quite well and better than in several other countries. State has not officially closed campsites and hotels, but despite that, majority of tourist facilities have decided to close their doors.

kampiranje Funtana, Vrsar, Rovinj

Campsites Maistra in Vrsar and Rovinj

In mid-April it was decided that Maistra campsites in Vrsar and Rovinj will open on May 15th or later is the situation in the country will demand differetly. According to the regulations at the border crossings for tourists and obligatory self-quaranteen they might reschedule opening to a later date.

Since campistes will open later as planned, they are planning to prolong their season with few weeks in autum. It is foreseen that campsites Valkanela, Koversada and Polar will stay open until November 1st, while campsites Amarin and Vestar plan to close their doors by October 18th. Camping Porto Sole will start their winter camping on November 1st.

Majority of investments are being finalized at the moment. In Camping Amarin they renovated one sanitary facilitie, they are adding new mobile homes in this moment. In Koversada and Porto Sole new mobile homes settlement have been added, while camping Polari has new entrance.

Special offers in Maistra campsites for holders of Avtokampi Camping Card:

> Camping Amarin – 16 € in periods 15.5. – 26.6. and 26.8. – 18.10., 5% discount in high season

> Camping Valkanela – 18 € in periods 15.5. – 26.6. and 26.8. – 1.11., 5% discount in high season

> Camping Porto Sole – 18 € in periods 15.5. – 26.6. and 26.8. – 1.11., 5% discount in high season

> Camping Polari – 18 € in periods 15.5. – 26.6. and 26.8. – 1.11., 5% discount in high season

> Camping Vestar – 20 € in periods 15.5. – 26.6. and 26.8. – 18.10., 5% discount in high season

> Naturist camping Koversada - 10% in low seasons (15.5. - 26.6. & 26.8. - 1.11.)  and 5% discount in high season 27.6. - 25.8.

These special offers are valid on standard camping pitch with electricity. For camping pitches closer to the sea you can ask for 10% discount in low seasons and 5% in high season.

More information about camping in Vrsar and Rovinj can be found at

Campsites Aminess in Novigrad

Our partners from Novigrad announanced that campsites Aminess Sirena and Aminess Maravea Resort will open after 15.5., right after the situation will allow that. The most important are conditions at the border crossings for tourists.

In both campsites holders of our camping card are entitle to special discount. Since campsite will open until 30.6. and after 1.9. until closing of the campsite camping on Standard pitch with electricity for 2 persons sums to only 20€. At the camping pitch closer to the seas holders are entitled to 10% disciunt, while in high season get 5% for camping on any pitch.

Opening of campsites Valalta and Val Saline

Naturist campsite Valalta and neighboring campsite Val Saline on the northern side of city Rovinj are planned to open their doors after May 15th. At the moment they are unable to say how long the campsites will be opened - if they will prolong season in October - at the moment it is planned that they will be opened until September 30th.

Camping Polidor - Funatana

We have been notified by campsite Polidor director that all their guests should at the moment stay at home and that they will be waiting for them - only day after the borders will be opened, they will open their campsite as well.

Everyone that have already reserved a camping pitch or mobile home, can make a change free of charge, also for several seasons in advance. They provide discount on our camping card for all styles of camping - on a pitch, in mobile home or in glamping wooden hut.