Beautiful camps around Pula and Medulin

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Arenaturist company is managing seven camps around towns of Pula and Medulin (Stoja, Stupice, Indije, Runke, Pomer, Medulin and Kazela).

Arenaturist company is managing seven camps around towns of Pula and Medulin (Stoja, Stupice, Indije, Runke, Pomer, Medulin and Kazela). Camps are located on the southern part of Istria peninsula and are all located close by to the abovementioned cultural and tourist centers. All camps offer tidy camping pitches, five of them also mobile homes. Most of the camps can be proud of thick shade of pine trees, while mild Mediterranean climate and lots of sun ensure camping season that last seven months!Arenaturist kamping akcija

Many investments in camps have taken place for this season. All camps have free wireless internet access at least at the reception, while camp Stupice is completely covered with internet signal. Many modernizations have been done in sanitary buildings.

In camp Runke pitches close to the sea have been arranged, new tennis court was set and a shower for dogs was installed, which gives camp, with beach for dogs, title ‘dogs welcome’. In camp Medulin guests will receive special bracelets for unlimited access to sanitary and have access to the internet not only by the reception, but on the peninsula as well. Camp Pomer has 300 meters of newly arranged beach and some new pitches. Camp Kazela is proud of new automatic system for entering the camp which recognizes car plates of their guests.

Camps have variety to offer. They range from family camps as Medulin that has nice sandy beach and well organized animation, to camp Stupice that is popular especially among surfers. Camp Stoja is excellent for visiting Pula and its cultural attractions, while camp Pomer, Runke and Indije are smaller and more peaceful and homey. Camp Kazela is the only one in the region that is partly intended for naturists and offers small swimming pools, overlooking deep blue sea.Arenaturist kamp Kažela

No matter which cam you visit, you should have time to visit Natural Park Kamenjak, National Park Brioni or time to cycle along tidy paths in the inner part of Istria.

Special offer for rental of mobile homes and camping pitches
June is a special month for guests of Arenaturist. They will generously give you an incentive for peaceful holidays before camps and beaches become overcrowded.

Mobile homes are available in camp Kazela, Medulin, Indije, Stupice and Stoja. They can host up to five people and are equipped with kitchen, two bedrooms, living room, bathroom and a wooden terrace. In June they offer 30% discount, so you can rent a mobile home for 25,20 to 28,00€ per night. More about this special offer is available at homes.

Camping pitches are offered in special offer in most of their camps. When making a reservation for at least 2 night in their camps, they will offer you a stay for two persons, dog and camping pitch with electricity for 12 or 16€ per night. More about the offer is available at

More information about camps from Arenaturist are available at where you can make a reservations as well.