I'm lonely

Če kupujete šotor, kamping opremo, počitniško prikolico, avtodom ali karkoli drugega s področja kampiranja, lahko tukaj oddate oglas


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I'm lonely

Objavljeno: To Jul 27, 2021 4:55 pm

I want to invite some gitl on a date so that we have a good time, flirt and I would take her home.

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Re: I'm lonely

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How about no? To be honest, such things are not done this way. Find a dating site.

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Re: I'm lonely

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I know firsthand what it means to be lonely, friend. I can advise you to read some interesting articles on the Internet about how to get out of this dubious comfort zone and find a person with whom you will be pleased to communicate. Follow the link https://www.datingadvicehelp.com/ and read more. You need at least friends.

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Re: I'm lonely

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